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My Regency Towers rental condo

Regency Towers Rental -   Ocean view!!
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Ocean View

Newly renovated building. The building is right by the beach and has all facilities including an olympic size swimming pool, onsite security, kiddie pool, coin operated laundry facility, grill on the pool deck, etc.

View from Regency Towers Balcony

See more pictures of my condo in Regency Towers below.

There are two new color TVís (with cable) a VCR & DVD.

There is an AM/FM clock radio, (Kitchen & Living Room).

The condo is equipped with dishes, glasses, and all utensils. There are pots and pans, a blender, a large oven/broiler and outside the condo on the pool deck you will find a barbecue grill. Also there is a new microwave, stove and refrigerator. The stove has a ceramic top.

There is an iron and ironing board.

The condo is air-conditioned.